Orange Blossom Pancakes

May 24, 2019



Howdy finger limes, a delayed recipe for the orange blossom pancakes I posted a couple days ago on my Instragram. 


Citrus! Gosh, I love all things citrusy. It's ability to coat every tastebud with zingy sweetness and sometimes makes my face pout, so much it causes the outer line of my lips to wrinkle. 


Orange blossom is the distilled blossom of sour oranges, and so I decided to zest up these pancakes up a little with a few drops of orange delight. This blossom is used most prominently, in Arab and Middle Eastern cuisines. Whether it be to pack a punch to baklava, or add a citrusy twist to eggless basbousa.


You can find orange blossom water at the world foods section of most supermarkets. If not, many Asian supermarkets, particularly the South Asians ones, are bound to have a few in stock. 




- Citrus fruits love to brighten up our palettes and plates but they also liven up our body, skin and hair.

- They are an excellent source of immune boosting vitamin C 

A great source of fibre and they have a low glycemic index (Meaning they are less likely to spike your blood sugar as opposed to other fruits. (Oranges: 45, grapefruit 25) Whereas raisins (64).

-They are packed with potassium and great for your heart!



1/2 cup -  Oats

1 tbsp -  ground flax seeds (optional)                                           

1 tssp or orange blossom water

1 large ripe banana 

1/5 cup plant milk (or enough till the consistency is pancake-batter like)



Cacao nibs

pumpkin seeds

agave syrup (optional)

oranges (mostly presentation purposes to show that hey, these are orange flavoured after all!

Kiwi slices.


Blend all of the pancake ingredients together. I do recommend letting the oats sit in the milk for 5 minutes first to soften them up, making the batter lovely and smooth. Then you should proceed to adding the rest of the ingredients, whizz them up using a blender, I still use my trusted Breville mixer, just as I have for the last 5 years. 


Pour the batter (quite thickly, not like a crepe) on a flat pan with a touch of oil to prevent it from sticking. The first pancake is always a trial as we are trying to get the perfect pancake making heat. Look for the tiny air bubbles forming on the surface of the pancakes and flip once there are a nice amount, but not so many that you are burning them. We're essentially in search for a chestnut-brown marbling.


Assemble in stacks or however you want and decorate accordingly to what you're feeling on the day and dive in! <3









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